Hello,My name is Lixin Yin, I'm a concept artist , key frame artist and illustrator working in Film and Game industry, currently based in San Francisco.

Project Experience

Game:《The Avengers》,《War Hammer40000》,《Darksiders 2》,《Saint Row4》,《The Elder Scrolls Online》,《Corum》,《League of Legends》,《2KNBA》,《Call of Duty OL》 ,《Assassin's Creed》,《Corssfire》 etc.

Film:《The Monkey King》,《Kong:Skull Island》,《After 10000 Years》,《Star Core》,《The Story of Peach Blossom》,《Unlimited Killing》,etc.

TV:《Novoland:Eagle Flag》,《Legend of FuYao》,《The King's Avatar 》


Legendary Pictures, THQ, Activision Blizzard, DreamWorks Animation, The refinery creative, Axis Animation, Tencent, 2K Games, CCTV, NetEase,etc.